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Fine Art Photography by Brenda Marie Matea

sugar beauty photography

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All compositions can be printed on high-quality photographic paper and matted and framed classically using museum quality materials. Art can also be transformed into jewelry, totes, stash bags, clothing or cards.


Brenda Marie Matea

Sugar Beauty Photography


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I picked up a camera in 2012. I was in a personal transition - empty-nester, over-worked, middle of life. The camera was easy to hide behind. I brought the camera to tell stories of a group of cyclists including my husband. The group loved my stories. One of the cyclists was an art major. He pulled me aside and said my work was good and suggested I study Harry Callahan, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Saul Leiter. But then I found Man Ray, Frida Kahlo, Imogen Cunningham, Linder Sterling, and Francesca Woodman. I began to practice photography as art. In 2015 I attended a collage artist’s talk at a local museum and the exhibit told the artist’s life story. I was inspired to tell my own stories using my new iPhone. I found I could tell a visual story with one photo by creating a layered composition using Apps. Flowers are very personal to me and have become a focus of my compositions. I will continue to use my iPhone because it is intuitive and available as I strive to express the beauty of my life. I hope to refine the work I create and produce emotive, sophisticated and beautiful compositions.

About the Artist

Brenda is a California native living in Southern California. Self-taught, she creates hand-made collages and photo compositions from her digital images using an iPhone and Apps. Flowers are a common theme and are added to all of her compositions. Brenda loves to tell visual stories and believes others can find hope when beauty is highlighted.


An admirer once wrote about her work:

"It's ok to be sad and angry. But don't forget that there are still things like this in the world. See how Brenda Marie Matea uses her imagination to show you beauty on top of beauty? Just pretend for a moment that this is real and everything else is made-up. Then breathe."

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